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Boating Accident Attorney in Tampa

Boating Accident Attorney - The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan’s Tampa office have decades of experience representing individuals who were injured in boating accidents. Whether the accident occurred on a recreational boat, a jet ski, or a commercial vessel, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan understand the legal issues involved in these types of cases and may be able to help you receive reimbursement for medical bills and other losses.

If you or someone you know has been injured while on a boat or water vessel, you may have legal recourse. To learn more about how a Tampa boating accident lawyer may be able to help, please fill out our free case review form today.

boating accident attorney

How Can a Tampa Boat Accident Attorney Help?

An attorney can advise you of the steps necessary to file, pursue, and litigate a boating accident lawsuit. While you focus on recovery, your attorney can handle all legal matters related to your claim, including determining the amount or type of compensation you may be owed and the party, or parties, which may be liable for your injuries. Your attorney will also determine your best course of action and advocate for the jurisdiction most favorable to your claim. In doing so, your attorney will launch an investigation, which may include:

Extensively researching the history of the vessel and similar accidents in the area;
  • Reviewing the boating operator’s driving history and credentials;
  • Reviewing relevant sections in the applicable laws;
  • Researching case law for similar instances to support your position;
  • Investigating the scene of the accident or photographs;
  • Interviewing any witnesses to collect different perspectives to compose a well-rounded account of the incident;
  • Reviewing medical records and documents of your injury;
  • Consulting expert witnesses to gain additional insight into potential causes or other information vital to the claim;
  • Digitally recreating the accident; and
  • Negotiating with attorneys and judicial officials.
Our attorneys’ experience, knowledge of the law, familiarity with the Tampa area, and access to resources, including accident re-constructionists, has led to favorable outcomes for our boating accident clients. As a result of our attorney’s commitment and hard work, Morgan & Morgan has established an extensive history of successfully handling boat accident cases and recovering compensation for our clients’ losses.